We Maximize I.T. Potential and Minimize I.T. Frustrations!


Quantum Network Service is your IT resource.

Although there is a legitimate growing concern over ever increasing, unauthorized infiltrations of IT systems, paramount to most businesses is keeping their system reliable and highest focus on up time.

We maintain and maximize your system’s performance, minimize down time, globally monitor emerging security threats, and install blocks against evolving malware as they emerge so protections and immunities are already in place.

Quantum Network Services puts its knowledge, skills, and resources to work for your business on an as-needed basis via phone, remote, or on-site assistance

If you are looking for a company to provide technical support for any problem or project, then Quantum Network Services is your one-stop destination for all of your IT solutions.

Unlike most cyber and IT services these days, we’re what you want — The Amped Up Customer Experience for IT.


::::Dial up the “Help line”… Rings:::::

Automated: “Welcome, blah, blah, blah….”

“Please wait for the Next Available Agent”

“You are number six in line!”

“Expected wait time is . . . .” [music plays]

:::::Wait, wait, wait:::::

“You are fifth in line!” [music plays]

:::::Wait, wait, wait:::::

::::: Claustrophobic feelings set in::::

:::::Left eye begins to twitch::::::

Face-to-face with a tech — non-existent

Quantum Network Services:

No “Automated Help Desk” to wait your turn to speak to a human

Team Players on Your Team Arrive

Trusted IT Tech Colleagues Facilitating Amped Customer Service Spring into Action

(Face-to-Face or Tech to Desk Service—your preference)

Dedicated IT Tech

Dedicated IT Team

Backup IT Team Members

Give us a call to acquire your IT professional team to escort your business into the 21st century.