We Maximize I.T. Potential and Minimize I.T. Frustrations!


Your IT Problems are Our IT Problems

Quantum Network Services can put its knowledge, skills and resources to work for your business on an as-needed basis via phone, remote, or on-site assistance. We are a provider of Intelligent Business Continuity backup solutions featuring cloud-based backup, disaster recovery (BDR) and Business Continuity.

Quantum Network Services is based in Mentor, Ohio. We serve regional, national, and global reaching businesses based in Cleveland and surrounding areas.

Our IT and support specialists are skilled and ready to assist in the following areas:

  • Desktop and Laptop PCs
  • Email Support
  • Firewalls, Routers, and Switches
  • Hardware Installation and Service
  • Management and Implementation
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Printers and Other Peripherals
  • Security assessments
  • Training and Education
  • Windows and Unix Servers


Managed Dedicated On Site Servers

Quantum Network Services carry the responsibility for you. Our team of professional IT techs will construct dedicated on site server systems for your individual business that will create fluid data access for your chosen users.

No more monitoring, troubleshooting, or managing required. You do what you do best in growing your business, and we’ll do what we do best to keep things flowing smoothly, elegantly, and seamlessly.

How does Quantum Network Services abolish systemic problems and reduce them to minor hiccups?

The 911 Response Solution:

  • We Monitor 24/7/365
  • We Support 24/7/365
  • We Respond Immediately 24/7/365

The Pre-911 Solution:

  • We set up Dedicated Servers
  • We set up a Totally Customized and Adjustable Environment
  • We set up Backups for your Backups

Managed Dedicated Off Site Hosting Servers

Quantum Network Services relay multiple options for your business.

The Upside of Redundancy

Our Data Center Provides your Business with the Following Redundancies:

  • Redundant Power
  • Redundant Internet Connections
  • Redundant Climate Control Systems
  • Redundant Physical and Electronic Security

Off-site, co-location IT sharing is strategically beneficial for your business in several respects

Event to Solution Ratio:

Home Event:

  • A/C System Collapse
  • Catastrophic Event
  • Catastrophic Fire Data loss
  • Internet Provider Fail
  • Utility Power Outage

Off-site Co-locationSolution:

  • Go mobile via your off-location twin site
  • Go live within minutes of relocation
  • Go transportable via your off-location twin site
  • Go live to your off-location twin site

Quantum Network Service provide our clients with 100% control over their systems with zero limits on rack space, redundant bandwidth, electrical usage, and routing.

Additionally, with the use of off-site co-location of your important data, you’ve added multiple bonus levels of security and backup availability without the added capital expenditure.


With our Managed Dedicated Server solution, our IT professionals create a custom, dedicated server environment for your business’s needs.

We take the burden of troubleshooting, updating, monitoring, and managing the equipment and backup. This provides constant and current data availability for your users while providing stability and functionality so that you and your users can focus on your business.


Network design and implementation customized for you specific needs.


With Quantum Network Services, custom security solutions fit your individual needs. Global IT security threats are relentless and constantly morph and evolve.

Quantum Network Services monitor worldwide threats, emerging viruses, and technologies as they immerge to answer, strengthen, adjust, and overall prepare your system before the attack arrives.

Complete IT Package

Monthly Service Contract

With Quantum Network Services, our monthly service is a comprehensive, all-inclusive IT management service for

one-monthly-flat fee.

The cost is less than that of a full-time employee, yet our services include​ all of the following:

  • Phone Service
  • Remote Service
  • On Site Service

Included in The Complete IT Package is remote monitoring of all IT systems and alert notifications.

Fee-Based Service

Hourly and pay-as-you go services are also available. Small businesses and sole proprietors often do well with an hourly rate, a pay-as-you go, or an “as needed” basis.

Whatever your needs, give us a call to discuss how we can keep your IT systems performance at the highest level.